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Timber Flooring – Natural Beauty & Unmatched Durability

Nothing looks more natural than authentic timber floors, and at The Wholesale Carpet Man, we offer a comprehensive range of timber flooring options that cater to both contemporary and natural styles, perfectly complementing any space.

Endless Possibilities: Create a Unique Look with Our Timber Flooring Collection

Embrace the freedom to create a truly unique interior design with our extensive range of timber flooring options.

Experience Effortless Installation with Our Engineered Timber Floors, featuring the Innovative 5G Insta Clic™ Locking System. Say goodbye to the hassle of glue and nails – our engineered timber floors are specifically engineered to ensure a seamless and stress-free installation process. The advanced 5G Insta Clic™ locking system allows for quick and easy assembly, eliminating the need for messy adhesives or time-consuming nail installation. With our engineered timber floors, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation that saves time and effort, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful new floors sooner.

Choose from a variety of Australian and exotic timbers, each carefully selected to bring natural beauty and durability to your space.

With distinct knots and grain variations, every engineered timber floor showcases a unique charm that adds character to your home. Our floors are coated with WearguardTM, providing enhanced protection against wear and tear, and ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Create a space that is truly yours with our timber flooring range, where the possibilities are endless.

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Authentic Timber Flooring

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Let your imagination run wild and unlock the full potential of creating a breathtaking space with a timber floor that effortlessly reflects your unique personal style, adding an unforgettable touch to your environment.

We stock a remarkable collection of timber floors designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Offering versatility and convenience, our floors are suitable for both floating and direct stick installations, catering to various installation preferences.

Regal Oak


Round edges icon

Round edges provide a rustic look and demonstrate careful craftmanship.

Micro Bevel icon

Micro-bevel edges create a smal V-shaped edge between boards. This outlines each board for an authentic floorboard finish.

Square edges icon

Square edges create a sleek and seamless floor.


Surface icon

The unique colours of selected ranges are achieved with Tru-Surface Stain technology.

Surface icon

Distressed surface boards are handcrafted to show a sought after lived-in look.

Surface icon

The hardwood top layer of our boards is a genuine, resandable  veneer of real timber species.


Matte Finish

Products with a matte finish reflect the natural look and feel of timber. Satin finished boards have a silky, smooth finish with a subtle shine.


Havea Core icon

Havea Core is made from Rubberwood which gives each board maximum stability.

“Very reliable and excellent service – satisfaction guaranteed. We are really happy with the provided service and our property value increases with the best material and perfect fitted in.”
Hanny Yasaputra